Have you heard about The Glass Bar?

Established in 1995

Creating Arts and Social events for Women

Chances are that if you live in London, you've heard of The Glass Bar.

If you are over 30, you know it started out as a venue in Euston. These days it is a series of events run by Elaine McKenzie. The Glass Bar offers a wide range of events, including old classics such as POUT and Bitter Women that have been around a few years now.

However, Elaine has recently launched a whole series of new nights. Yes, it seems there really is nothing stopping her right now as she has announced no less than 3 new nights this month alone! And they're not even all in London.

We give you the run down of what The Glass Bar is currently offering:

Bitter WomenBitter Women

A Real Ale social group for LBQ women

If you like a good pint and are fed up of having to have a bottle of Stella or a pint of Fosters on a typical lesbian night out then this event is for you. Elaine has found a great venue with a wide selection of Ales, and turned it into a social. To our knowledge there isn't another night like this, and the only other event that offers such a range of drinks on tap is Luscious at The Old Crown - but that is more of a club night than a social - so this event really is a one off.


Sizzle Up CabaretSizzle Up Cabaret

South London (West that is - we still don't have any lesbian events in South East London sadly) has a new cabaret night, and it includes food! Cabaret in London has been exponentially growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and now there are a number of cabaret events across central and north London. But this is the first one to be offered in the South of the Capital.

If you like more than a DJ and want entertainment at your lesbian event, this is definitely one to check out.


Uber BoiUber Boi

Uber Boi originally launched in Bar Titania a couple of years ago, and was a huge hit in London. It has been on hiatus whilst Elaine found a new venue that suited the event, and now that she has it returns in October. This event celebrates butch and femme and everything in between and encourages flirting and appreciation of all women across the spectrum of their identification.

For the launch of Uber Boi, Elaine has kindly offered to donate a proportion of the ticket sales to Planet Nation so this event is super special for us and we hope to see you there!


Pout BrightonPOUT Brighton

Brighton's finest boutique party for women

Pout originally started in London, and 3 years ago extended into Brighton. It is celebrating its 3rd birthday in October and is still going strong.




Maybe MoreMaybe More

A new singles night for LB women

Another of Elaine's new nights is Maybe More. Elaine is no stranger to singles events and knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to helping women to meet other women in a safe, relaxing environment that isn't too intimidating. This event is ideal if you are on your own and looking to meet someone new. Even if you don't find your next miss right, you are likely to at least find one or two women with things in common and extend your social circle!


Pout LondonPOUT London

London's Finest Girl Party for Women

This classic is one that just doesn't get old. Pout continues to be a popular choice on the London scene, possibly due to it having moved to an every other month affair. You don't want to miss it or it will feel like ages to the next one. Great music and dancing is guaranteed at this classic club night that is popular with singles and couples alike. Nothing beats a good DJ and a dance floor!


So there you have it, the full range of events from just one of the many promoters on the scene across London and Brighton. As with all events, you can find these on our events calendar; which now includes events across the country. You can filter by location or by date to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for.

Why not let us know which events you like?

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If you like to socialise and would like free entry to events in exchange for a write up then get in touch using the contact us page. We would love to hear from you! Alternatively just come along to Uber Boi on 1 October and talk to Naomi in person.