Find out more about the Pride in London Official Women's Party

This year Pride in London are using their volunteers to host the official Pride in London women's party rather than collaborating with an existing promoter as they have in the past.

We chatted to the lead volunteer to find out more about what we can expect from the night...

Why are you putting on the official Pride in London women’s party rather than collaborating with an existing known promoter?

The campaign this year is all about diversity. Standing-up to hate and discrimination. Standing-up for love and diversity #LoveHappensHere

Pride is determined to prove that now, more than ever, love DOES trump hate and that if we stand together a difference will be made; hence why with this year's Pride, we've ensured that we have something for everyone. We’ve been working really hard to make sure that each person from our LGBT+ community finds something that they can relate to. We wanted an event that celebrates the women power so we went ahead and organised this with the help of our volunteers. Is not a big event, hence we have not partnered up with any other promoters.

What kind of music can we expect? Who are the DJs?

The evening will kick off with some sexy deep house beats, moving onto r&b, hip-hop, trap and all the contagious party atmosphere music that gets you singing along, regardless of the genre, tempo, style or release date. We will finish the night with a deep underground set, with dark rolling techno and sexy beats. We have carefully selected the DJs from Brighton to London, covering every facet of music.

Bae2BaeDJ Riki RocketDJ Sami KubuDJ Anna Cee

Find out more about the DJs and listen to some of their playlists in our DJ feature here.

What is the door policy?

Over 18. Men are allowed, however they need to be accompanied by women. Trans and other welcomed too. No heavy bags. No cloakroom provided.

Trading House exteriorTell us about the venue for the event, what can we expect?

We’ve changed our ways this year… We've headed a bit further out from Central London and Soho. We wanted a venue that has great ambiance, standards and decor. A venue that isn't the usual dark basement or vast warehouse. Somewhere that has more personality to it. Spacious, yet intimate. The Trading House is a beautiful Grade II building in The City of London, previously The Bank of New Zealand, with stunning high ceilings, bespoke cocktails, craft beers and a private mezzanine area. Make sure you click attend on our FB event page for more information on the venue and its offerings. 

Trading House interiorTrading House interiorTrading House interiorTrading House interior

What is your inspiration for this event?

Think power. Think strength. Think femininity. Think diversity, set in the most opulent surroundings. We have a fabulous team behind the event, putting theirs all into making this the success we know it will be. We aim to deliver a quality night of entertainment and it will be a true celebration of Woman. Pride in London and all the events, happen because individuals take time out of their busy lives and come together in a way no other community does! I've seen behind the curtain, and everyone is an absolute hero for helping us put this together!

How many women can we expect to meet at this awesome event?

Capacity is 200-250. A smaller, perfect gathering with great atmosphere and vibes.

Finally is there anything else we should know about?

We will have few surprises up our sleeves but follow Pride in London on FB and Twitter to find out more!