Brighton Fringe is full of flavour

There are over 25 events taking place during Brighton Fringe with lesbian, bisexual and queer themes. That is quite impressive - and with the events ranging from tours to music to comedy and cabaret. You're guaranteed to find at least one thing you like.

We've listed all the content we could find with LBQ women-themes for you.

Brighton Fringe is England’s largest arts festival and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. We set out to stimulate, educate and entertain a diverse range of people through a diverse range of art forms. And all this in an iconic city with unique cultural heritage. 

Brighton Fringe takes place every May (5 May – 4 June 2017) and is a great place to spend the May bank holidays and the summer half-term break. This vast celebration of all things creative has grown out of, and is inspired by, home-grown talent. More than 50% of participants are based in Brighton & Hove. We are committed to helping the arts flourish and are completely open-access, which means anyone can put on a Brighton Fringe event. No selection criteria are imposed on participants. This enables both new and established performers to try out new work and take risks. We also help artists develop professionally through a range of workshops, mentoring and bursary programmes. A wide array of critically acclaimed shows and performers also appear at Brighton Fringe each year, drawn by the huge number of appreciative audience members who attend every year.

Can't Take my Eyes Off YouCan't Take My Eyes Off You

If you thought a night with the Rainbow Chorus couldn't get any better, then get ready for a departure from our usual concerts as we roll out an evening of songs from the familiar, the not so familiar to the downright quirky as the marvellous beautiful-sounding and often hilarious Yorkshire-based, lesbian a capella singing group, the Deep C Divas join the fun for one night only!

BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreted.

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Correct me if I'm wrongCorrect Me if I'm Wrong

Claire does not contain the following ingredients: slugs, snails, puppy dog tails, sugar, spice or things (nice).

Why not join her on a spiffing adventure into gender and impress all your chums with your newfound knowledge and vocabulary. Wow your workmates with amusing and fun facts about your body and what society thinks of you.

No ice cream available but a badge with your choice of pronoun absolutely free with every show.

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Deep in the Heart of MeDeep in The Heart of Me

A 'Shirley Valentine' tale for the 21st century with songs from the Rat Pack repertoire, ‘Sway’, ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ and ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’.

“Incredibly enjoyable, endearing, utterly believable... induces a constant stream of laughter from the audience... Hilarious script, witty, and very often heartbreaking, the play feels warm, layered, and captivating.” (Arts Award Voice). 

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Inspiring solo play about Eglantyne Jebb, a courageous, passionate, Edwardian human rights activist.

From her idyllic Shropshire childhood, Eglantyne went on to Oxford University, heartbreaks, suffrage rallies, the Balkans, arrest in Trafalgar Square, spiritualism, co-founding Save the Children, and pioneering children's rights. 

Written and performed by Anne Chamberlain, directed by KC Kelly.

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The Elephant GirlsThe Elephant Girls   

"The most notorious girl gang Britain’s ever seen." (Gangs of London). Devious and daring; they stole from the rich and gave to themselves. The riveting story of the all-woman gang which terrorized London for over 100 years, told by Maggie Hale - the gang's suit-wearing, bloody-knuckled, girl-chasing “enforcer”. You won't be able to look away. 

Critics’ Pick and Best Actress (Capital Critics Circle 2015)

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Award-winning musician Paul Diello invites you to his gender-blending celebration of iconic women in music. Join the Brighton-based avant-garde performer and his band on a colourful camp cabaret extravaganza as they reimagine classic female songs originally performed by legendary singers such as Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey to name but a few. Dance, sing, laugh and cry as Paul interweaves his journey of childhood out-castings and social misfittery into well-loved compositions. Every sense will be tantalised in this outrageous, rainbow-coloured romp.

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Fall of DutyFall of Duty   

1916. An actor falls from the sky in Northern France. A hundred years on, can Sue and her son Jack, 20, escape political turmoil and an addiction to infinite warfare? Four people thrust together by war, song, reality, and escapism, but pulled apart by a century.

The true story of Basil Hallam and Forces’ sweetheart, lesbian, Elsie Janis, recreating ‘Gilbert the Filbert the Knut with the ‘k’’. 

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Fem-AleFEM.ALE Brewster Beer Festival  

FEM.ALE Brewster Beer Festival is returning to the Marlborough pub and theatre for our second year, celebrating women in the brewing industry, bringing musical talent from our home town of Norwich to join the best riot grrrls Brighton has to offer and inviting local women beer experts to share their brewing knowledge!

Join us on Friday evening for local DJs to kick off the weekend. On Saturday we'll be hosting our street party from noon with live music from Norwich and Brighton grrrl bands and we'll be whiling away the last of the brews on Sunday with the glorious Marly Sunday roast. Cheers!

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Fran & LeniFran & Leni  

1976. Fran and Leni meet in a North London comp. Three years later they are The Rips, girls with guitars, bored of playing nice.

“I was the punk. I was born punk. But she was my rock. The only one I ever had.”

Music, sex, tits and spitting. Two very different girls escape a life of sugar and spice. A full-throttle tale of lifelong friendship that hit hard with Latitude and Edinburgh festival audiences. By award-winning writer Sadie Hasler. Directed by Sarah Mayhew.

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Gender SpannerGender Spanner       

A joyous and empowering hour of cabaret, burlesque, and labels that just don’t stick. Armed with a ukulele, spinning plates, and more costumes than you can fit in your closet, Jessica McKerlie presents a smorgasbord of original music and poetry with a common thread: Are you a man? Are you a woman? Are you sure?

Inspired by Jessica’s own explorations and understanding of gender fluidity, 'Gender Spanner' is a cabaret that goes to the very core of what it is to be human.

Cabaret & Circus |

The Girl from MarsThe Girl From Mars 

Due to popular demand, the ‘Britpop Rocky Horror’ returns for a second year! Following an epic premiere at Brighton Fringe 2016, and a nationwide tour including a full show at Shiiine On Weekender, ‘The Girl From Mars’ brings you the biggest Britpop anthems in a cosmic love story. Discover what happens when a Martian dominatrix crashes her flying saucer behind a rural pub in a snowstorm and finds her plans to save her species thwarted by a barmaid and a wannabe rock star. Smattered with oodles of 90s nostalgia and special effects, this is the sing-along rock show party you won't want to miss.

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The Girl from OzThe Girl From Oz     

Courtney Act takes you over the rainbow and down-under in her new show 'The Girl from Oz', chock-full of hits and high notes.

You will leave this show realizing there’s no place like her home!

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The Hot Mess MethodThe Hot Mess Method         

'Hot Mess' is a very serious sketch comedy duo consisting of Anna Piper (Funny Women's One to Watch 2016) and Max Levine (Radio 4 Newsjack, Cambridge Footlights). Following their process you'll learn the renowned 'Hot Mess Method' allowing you to examine the big issues. 

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JoJo BelliniJoJo Bellini: Crash-Bang Cabaret! 

After the roaring success of JoJo Bellini’s ‘Kitchen Cabaret’ at Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe in 2016, the salacious songstress brings to Brighton a brand-new, and much naughtier, cabaret performance.
You are invited to take a look behind the scenes of the cabaret queen that is JoJo Bellini. Who is this woman? Where has she come from? How can someone recover from such a crippling car accident? Why is she touching me? Why Isn’t she touching me?!
Is this love?! Yes. Yes it is. So sit back and indulge in the unbridled naughtiness that is JoJo Bellini.

Cabaret & Circus |

King of the FringeKing of the Fringe: Best Of 

Join us for some drag king cabaret by the seaside as we celebrate the bois from previous King of the Fringe competitions.

Past winners Sammy Silver, Benjamin Butch and George Faithless will be lip-syncing, hip-thrusting and lyric-twisting for your pleasure alongside some other crowd favourites and special guests.

Cabaret & Circus |

Ladies MarmaladeLadies Marmalade    

Ladies Marmalade is a show with 3 unusual and hilarious women who will make you taste different flavours of comedy . So outrageous and powerful; Arielle Souma, Victoria Howden and special guest; break down walls for your delight... 

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Nicole HenriksonNicole Henriksen: Techno Glitter Penguins           

Award-nominated alternative Australian comedian, Nicole Henriksen, makes her Brighton debut with 'Techno Glitter Penguins', a fresh serving of her trademark high-energy, pro-femme, absurd, comedy goodness.
It's an all over body experience that will enrich your soul, bring new meaning to your life, and leave you thinking "that's something you only see at Fringe!"
You're welcome.

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OUT is about shape shifting; to be black enough, straight enough, Jamaican enough...

Challenging homophobia and transphobia within Caribbean communities, OUT is a conversation between two bodies, reclaiming dance-hall and celebrating queerness amongst the bittersweet scent of oranges. A defiant act of self-expression that smashes through the silence, summoning voices and re-enacting movements in a chaotic mash-up of remembrance and reinvention. 

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Perfection in ProgressPerfection In Progress         

You don't have to be perfect... but you are! Organic juice drunk, clever books read, cool documentaries seen, supplements sipped, South American medicine adventure done, Yoga in India, burnt a man in the desert, coconut oil expert, tie-died hair, eye-gazed, meditated, happy thoughts, tantric raisin sharing, pages written, ecstatically danced. Phew are we there yet? An extremely silly and skillful look at a human trying to be perfect. Expect full belly laughs as this generous woman exposes the lengths we go to pretend that we are not merely simply human. Come and let it all hang out.

Comedy |

Piers and QueersPiers & Queers         

Over 200 years of history from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer perspective including Regency Dandies, 1950s lesbian and gay life and political activism. We encounter prominent historical figures as well as some extraordinary unsung heroes: a pioneering doctor who passed as man decades before women were allowed to practice medicine, a 19th century lesbian diarist, an Edwardian 'drag king' and an early 'same-sex' marriage. 

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The Poetry We MakeThe Poetry we Make

“The man I love... is dead.”

Two lovers: a girl called Elliot and a boy called Robin. He is everything she ever dreamed of... but Robin wants to be someone else.

When Robin decides to transition to become a woman, all that Elliot assumed to be true is turned upside down. Seeking wisdom and comfort, she conjures her hero, Dolly Parton. 

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Sexual Fears of a Modern Day VirginSexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin 

Kids these days! No one knows what they’re up to. Well, we do and we’re willing to let you in on the secret. What if I told you that you know nothing about sex? You don’t even know what a virgin is. Would you believe me? We have two couples, one singleton, and 50 minutes to show you how. Let us guide you through the cheeky, romantic and eventful lives of our five characters as they lose their virginities - for the second time.        

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Super Cally Fragile LipstickSuper Cally Fragile Lipstick

Forty something years into a lifetime of looking great but feeling fake, Cally Beaton is ready to come out about her double life in her hilarious brand new show, Super Cally Fragile Lipstick.

Accomplished and insecure; perky yet prone to crying; sophisticated and so not; a woman who wears lipstick and a testosterone patch, Cally emerges from the birth canal of her very own personal Venn diagram to muse amusingly on how being Super and Fragile can be OK.

And very, very funny. Just in case you didn't get that bit.

Comedy |

Tricyclic TransformTricyclic Transform  

Solo musical cabaret exploring genderqueer identity with songs and drag. Miss Liliane, "biologically-challenged drag-queen", has penis envy and that makes her slightly unhinged! Join them round the gender wheel as they try on alternate personas by performing iconic torch songs. From heart-wrenching Jazz diva standards to the p***ed-off ladies of gritty Blues and Brecht. From the broken men protest songs of Johnny Cash, Scott Walker and Jacques Brel, to the empowering queer anthems of Marc Almond and Boy George, with sprinkles of 'Victor Victoria' and 'La Cage aux Folles'.

Cabaret & Circus |

Who Do You Think You Are? Barbara BrownskirtWho Do You Think You Are? Barbara Brownskirt

'Who Do You Think You Are? Barbara Brownskirt' is a darkly funny, pathos-fuelled show inspired by the TV show of similar name by writer and performance artist Karen McLeod.

Shrouded in iconic anorak, knees bulging from pop socks, Barbara Brownskirt is the unsuccessful lesbian Poet-in-Residence at the 197 bus stop, Penge. We meet her, unlucky-in-love, as she tries to find out who she is and why? Share the highs and lows as she explores the past through absurd poetry and film.

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I guess you planned to have fun on your spring break. Come back to uni relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of the semester. Only this morning, you woke up to find your friend lying dead in the middle of your campsite. Right on top of where the fire used to be. It must have hurt, falling like that; you can see the front of his shirt is burnt on the embers. Well, there go your summer plans.

BoxedIn Theatre presents 'Wood', an exciting piece of new writing about student life and sexuality.

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Plus you can see the fabulous comedian Annabelszki in 'And Another Thing' on 18 and 25 May. More details here.

Wow! What a list. We hope you found a few you like the sound of.

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