Planet London L Fest Competition

L Fest logo

We at Planet London love a good festival... so much so that we appear to be in the promo video for L Fest on more than a couple of occasions!

So we thought we would celebrate the fact and run a little competition... the winner will be drawn at random and will get to choose a signed item from our sack of signed goodies which includes:

  • 1 Signed Stella Duffy book - Everything is moving, everything is joined
  • 1 Signed Kerry Hudson book - Tony Hogan bought me an ice cream float
  • 3 signed Lucy Spraggan Oyster wallets
  • 1 signed Catherine Hall book - The Repercussions
  • 1 signed Uh Huh Her CD

So how do you enter?

It is easy, watch the video and then submit your answer using the form at the bottom of the page.

How many shots does the Planet London logo appear in?

Winners will be announced on Sunday 12 April at 9pm