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Amazing cast. Hilarious footage. Just a little support, and we'll have a MOVIE!
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Dreams came true shooting this film! With female-director-badass Jillian Armenante, hilarious performances came to life from Heather Matarazzo, Amir Talai, Kate Flannery, Kirsten Vangsness, Joel McHale, and so many more. Like any great indie, we went through hell to get it on camera. Grip trucks broke down, neighbors threatened us, cops were called, extra days added... But in the end it was ALL worth it, because we got KILLER footage. Now we just need a little help to make it a movie...


Heather Turman and David Mickel were introduced through Newfilmmakers LA to award-winning director Jillian Armenante, and together the three of them joined forces to produce Stuck!  Together, the three of them did something remarkable -- completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, were given a production grant from MovieMaker Magazine, got announced in a Deadline article ( ), and finished principle photography with a celebrity cast unheard of in a low budget indie.

Jillian Armenante and Heather Matarazzo

Including Joel McHale, Kate Flannery, Kirsten Vangsness, Paul Scheer, Felicia Day, Constantine Maroulis, and Chris Redd.

And of course, an absolutely stellar performance by actress Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Saved), in the proper adult lead role her fans have been waiting for. 

What is the crowdfunding for?

In order to finish Stuck we need:

EDITING - an editor to take all of the filmed pieces and turn it into a completed puzzle.

RESHOOTS - lost takes and continuity issues are inevitable in filmmaking, and we unfortunately are no exception. We need to gather the crew together and shoot a few scenes all over again. Each day of filming can cost between $3-5K!

COLOR-CORRECTION - all of the footage needs to match, so the colors are consistent, and lighting changes aren't jarring. It's a vital, yet time-consuming/labor-intenstive process.

MUSIC - All movies need music to tie them together. We need our film scored, and additional music created to set the tone throughout.

ADR/LOOPING - Planes, trains and automobiles sometimes get in the way of the mic, and important lines are lost. We need our actors to re-record certain lines to make sure nothing is lost or hard to hear.

FESTIVALS - In order to get an indie film on the market, it has to be submitted to festivals. The average submission cost can range from $50-$100. And each requires particular specs/formatting for viewing (which means sometimes you have to cut special prints that can cost upwards of $1000 a piece), meaning even more expense.

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