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We need to take a step back from running Planet London - but we want to ensure the website stays live in our absence

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Watch the video which explains all
Now that we've got your attention... As we said in the video; we need to take a step back, and get some support on board to keep Planet London and Planet Brighton running whilst we put our health first for a few months. So we're crowdfunding to help cover the cost of that, as we recognise we would need to pay for that support.

We've got a number of exciting perks that we have collected over the years, mostly in the form of signed goodies. If you pledge support to help keep Planet London going you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the perks available in that draw.  Otherwise we have website membership opportunities as well and also opportunities to join our team and launch your own website!

Planet website friend member - Usually £5 per month
-comment on all blog articles
-get first access to exclusive events
-Exclusive member competitions
-Free Oystercard wallet, trolley token & set of 3 badges on sign up
-10% off DVD purchases in the online shop

Planet website premium member - Usually £10 per month
-comment on all blog articles
-get first access to exclusive events
-Exclusive member competitions
-Free Oystercard wallet, trolley token & set of 3 badges on sign up
-15% off DVD purchases
- Free Planet bag
- Free access to our community perk scheme - hundreds of benefits including a free Tastecard (worth £79.99), free phone insurance, 6% off high street vouchers, discounts at Apple, discounted cinema tickets, and so much more!

Prize Draw 1
Planet London Oystercard wallet (150 available)
Planet London trolley token (50 available)

Prize Draw 2
Submerge DVD (5 available)
Reaching for the Moon DVD (5 available)
Signed Lucy Spraggan Oystercard wallet (3 available)
Signed book - Adventures in Eroticism by Immani Love (1 available)
Signed book - The Girl with the Treasure Chest by VA Fearon (1 available)
Signed book - The Repercussions by Catherine Hall (1 available)

Prize Draw 3
Signed book - L is For... (1 available)
Signed Uh Her Her CD (1 available)
Signed Horse CD (1 available)
Irreverent Dance Voucher for 1 free dance class (1 available - expires Dec 2015)
Bones Season 3 on DVD (1 available)
Mad Men Season 5 on DVD (1 available)
Wooden jewellery box (1 available)

In addition to giveaways; we of course are welcome to hear from people who want to help out - and one person could do more than 1 role! The following roles are available (not all paid):

Social media manager - Twitter (Planet London, Planet Brighton, Ultimate Planet)
Website administrator - uploading content, approving posts, signing up new members
Administrator - managing emails; liaising with Planeteers and contributors to get content covered
Marketing manager - managing advertising, seeking new advertising, approaching sponsors and working alongside the social media manager and website administrator to market the brand
Awards Manager - running the awards process between October and the end of January
Various subject reviewers - television, film, books, events, theatre, families, health, campaigns

What the money will be used for:

The money will be split between the tasks and used to bring on board one or more key people (depending on what is available) to keep the site running at an adequate level. We don't know how long we will need to put this support in place for; so we are looking to start with the key areas.

If we get offers of volunteers; we will seek to mix this with paid work so that people don't get taken advantage of, or overworked; but also so that there remains a team spirit and that everyone gets something of value from the arrangement. From mentoring; to skills development; to references for future jobs - we're proud of how we work cleverly and differently to give everyone opportunities. We believe it is important to have someone driving this forward full time and with a focus; which is why the paid work is so important.

Why not join the franchise?

If you think you want to join the Planet team; we now have a really good set up for expanding into new areas. We can set you up with your own website; in your area in the same way that Brighton and London work. The good thing is that the sites are all linked; so you become a part of a wider team, sharing the load whilst also running your own business. Any non-location specific information is shared across all sites. This is perfect for entrepreneurial women who care about their local community. You'd join the Board; join in on monthly management meetings and share in the glory of this fast growing, and well respected brand.

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