Save MOSAIC LGBT Youth Centre


Help hundreds of LGBT young persons have a safe space they can call their own

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Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre has been running for 15 years supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young people age 13 - 19 in this most crucial time of their lives.

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre has offered safe space to meet fellow LGBT peers, but also advice and guidance alongside educational workshops. We also offer support through counselling and mentoring. We are very often the only support our memebrs have, but see our film and see what they say for themselves:

Mosaic Film

We also run education workshops in schools and colleges making them safer for LGBT students. We helped hudreds of young people and their parents. Now we need your help to survive a sudden funding shortfall...

We are going to use those funds to pay for fundraising costs, cover rent, bills and volunteers reimbursements for 12 months until we can secure more sustainable funding source.