Heartichoke: Diverse Comedy Series


From the creators of the ‘My Genderation’ documentary project comes Heartichoke - a quirky, Brighton-based comedy series

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From the creators of the ‘My Genderation’ documentary project comes Heartichoke - a quirky, Brighton-based comedy series with a diverse cast, revolving around a three twenty-somethings in a band, who sing awful(ly) catchy songs about love troubles and life. 

Wolf and Jay are transgender dudes who are dealing with unusual dating dilemmas while Pet has been in a long-term lesbian relationship since high school that’s on the brink of a breakup. 

Heartichoke explores LGBT issues in a authentic, awkward, silly and surreal manner which is non-sensationalised and based upon the writers own experiences making the show relatable to it’s target age range of 18-35. One thing for sure is that you don’t have to identify as LGBT to enjoy Heartichoke – dating, daydreaming, job-hunting, hitting your quarter-life crisis... these themes are universal. 

The characters relationship situations are established in this fast paced episode. Pet and her O.C.D partner Lilly are having another domestic. Will pet be pushed over the edge? Jay is in the early stages of dating loud-mouthed Sophie who doesn’t yet know his trans status. Will he tell her? Wolf is reminiscing over his ex-girlfriend Macy, who he got with before he  transitioned, and now has to cope with the fact that she’s dating another girl. If he were still a lady would Macy still be interested? 

The Team 

Never before has there been a comedy written about trans and LGB issues, by trans writers, starring trans and LGB actors. 

Fox Fisher  is a filmmaker, writer, actor and artist. He is director of Lucky Tooth Films and is set to co-present his own documentary ‘Transgender UK’ on Channel 4 in 2015. He starred in My Transsexual Summer in 2011 and since then has been an activist for the trans community, co- creating the My Genderation project, setting up Trans Pride Brighton, doing a TED Talk on gender and illustrating the first trans-themed children’s book. 

Lewis Hancox  is a filmmaker, writer and actor. He has worked with Hollyoaks directing and presenting backstage videos about the trans-themed storyline, available to watch on 4OD. He was a finalist in the Northern Writers Award 2015 and won a place on The Guardian’s Top 30 Young People in Digital Media. He writes his own sketches and shorts and recently played a supporting role in award winning writer Jake Graf’s short Chance that screened at BFI Flare. 

Alice Hannon is an actor, writer and improv comic. She is part of the multi-award winning Brighton-based sketch comedy group Short And Girlie. She’s part of the LGBT committee at American Express and won the LGBT Network of the Year award at the British LGBT Awards. 

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