Broken Rainbow Helpline facing closure


Broken Rainbow's helpline is again facing a severely reduced service or closure. Due to the end of Government funding and no firm commitment of continued support.

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Broken Rainbow the LGBT domestic violence helpline is once again facing closure The service that is a crucial lifeline for thousands of LGBT people experiencing domestic violence and abuse is coming to the end of its main funding stream in March and has had no clear confirmation from the Home Office whether it will be extended.

"For our funding not to be renewed or replaced will result in the helpline services being severely reduced or potentially closed down."

reported Jo Harvey Barringer CEO

"we’ve supported  thousands of LGBT people this year and if we were to close there are very few other services for them to go to, and not one that offers national support in the way we do."

Broken Rainbow has been in existence since 2004 and in that time estimates it has supported forty two thousand LGBT people. It is a unique service that offers support not only to LGBT victims but also perpetrators of domestic abuse too..

"This situation is indicative to the current funding climate for small LGBT charties"

Harvey Barringer said

"we've seen a number of our sector partner close or reduce service provision this year and we do not want to go the same way"