First LGBT Poet Laureate Selected

This inaugural post of LGBT Poet Laureate was devised by Camden LGBT Forum to promote LGBT poetry in London and the UK.  Camden LGBT Forum is a charity that supports local LGBT residents.  The Arts is a powerful tool we use to celebrate diversity and promote cohesion amongst our communities.  During the last six years our “INCITE” Poetry event has been paving the way for LGBT talent to foster positive change through spoken and written word.

The recipient of the title, “First LGBT Poet Laureate” is Trudy Howson. Her poetry has been published in The Telegraph, The Times, and The London Review, as well as numerous magazines and online publications.

She said, "I'm thrilled and honoured to be offered this innovative role. I'm also aware of the responsibility of representing a community as diverse as ours is, but determined to set a high standard for those who come after me. Inclusion is a key issue, I want to really reach out to all our community. I believe poetry can bring the best out of us."

The name of the first LGBT Poet Laureate will be formerly announced during LGBT History Month, February 2016.  The appointment will be officiated at Trudy Howson's regular gig at INCITE @ The Phoenix on Monday 15th Feb. Guest poets are Neil Bartlett OBE and Rachel Nwokoro. 

The term of the appointment is for three years. During this period she will be expected to:

  • Write poems for nationally and internationally recognised LGBT days and events.
  • Write, perform and promote poetry that reflects and celebrates the very diverse experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people within our society.
  • Raise the profile and accessibility of LGBT poetry.

The LGBT Poet Laureate’s poetry will:

  • Portray the lives and experiences of the LGBT community.
  • Celebrate our style and culture.
  • Support LGBT people who feel isolated and marginalized within our society.
  • Encourage within our community a sense of self respect and pride.
  • Raise a greater public awareness of the LGBT community.
  • Encourage LGBT people of all ages, nationalities and types, to read, write, watch and listen to poetry.